Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The reasons behind T.O.'s decision to sign with Buffalo

Top 10 reasons Terrell Owens signed with the Buffalo Bills:

10. His good friend Donovan McNabb gave Buffalo two thumbs up.

9. The NFL doesn’t have a team in Siberia.

8. He can see Canada from the window of his new home

7. After striking out in the NFC _ 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys _ he wanted to swing and miss in the AFC.

6. Even Al Davis wouldn’t return his calls.

5. He thought Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith still played for the Bills.

4. After one season, he’ll be free to destroy another team.

3. Blame it on Jeff Garcia, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson.

2. In these tough economic times, his $6.5 million will stretch farther in a blue-collar town.

1. Must be the Buffalo wings.

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